martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Proyecto: Your medieval Coat of Arms de 2º ESO

Este año los alumnos de 2º de la ESO del IES Francés de Aranda han realizado un proyecto creativo para diseñar su propio escudo de armas. Es es el resultado de su trabajo.

Además, acompañando la creación del escudo con una redacción creativa explicando cómo lo habían obtenido. A continuación, una de las historias.

"We were a noble family that lived in a village called Besalú (Aragón- Spain) Mu father was a very brave warrior who helped his king called Arthur. 

One day, the Muslims conquered some close villages. Unfortunately, the next one will be ours. Due to this reason, my father had a brilliant idea: all Besalu's neighbours would fight aginst Muslim to protect their village. Some people didn't want it, but they hadn't enough time to ask other towns for help. 

When Muslims arrived, some were killed by the neighbour and others scaped. Our village won the battle that day. The king was very grateful to my father's work. In this way, he gave him the honour of putting Aragon's flag in our shield. He also gave us the most importan castle in Besal'u county. We were so blessed!

In that moment, we decided to renew our family's old shield, the new one contained Aragon's flag, a sword with a red colour representing the importance of winning the blattle and it also appeared the castle the king gave to us. 

Some years after, my father died in a battle. It was really painful for all my family. As i was the only daugther I inherited the shield and became protector of Aragón and Besalú. For that reason, I put on my shield the Sun."

(Amaia Betolanza 2º B)